Photocharity opens House of Hope program in Vista on
December 2, 2014

Our 8 year vision became a reality.

Photocharity's House of Hope Program for Solving Youth Homelessness, one youth at a time opened on December 2, 2015.

3 Homeless Male Youth ages 18-24 years old, earned becoming a Finalist for the HOH program. Their actions showed that they were committed to becoming clean and sober, passionate about getting off the streets, and volunteering to help others.

This is a minimum of 18 months intense program for self sufficiency. This program includes a mandatory 30 day inpatient drug/alcohol rehab, case manager, independent living skills worker, trade simulation, individual and group therapy, music class, working part time, and going to school if needed. These first 3 youth cost $50,000/year each. Each additional youth will cost $36,000/year. SAVE A YOUTH FOR $36,000 for 1 full year of the HOH program.

Photocharity is blessed to have Solutions for Change, in Vista as our mentor and working partner with the HOH program. They work exclusively with Family Homelessness and for the past 15 years have a 74% success rate of keeping homeless families off the streets after being in the program for 18 months, 93% after 3 years.

Please see Amazing Article in the UT San Diego about the
HOH program

3 Finalists for the HOH program:


Ryan Mathews Interview with Jeffrey Sitcov, Founder & President Photocharity on

Ryan Mathews PSAs for Photocharity:

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KUSI News Interview about Photocharity 3-22-14

Photocharity "Taking Music & Arts to the Streets" program

Award winner: Best Youth Program in Ocean Beach for 2013
by Ocean Beach Town Council. Recognized by US Congressman Scott Peters, Senator Marty Block, Tony Atkins & Kevin Faulconer

Learn More- San Diego Union Tribune: Music vital lifeline to homeless kids here

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  • Free Music Lessons
  • Free Dinner
  • Free Instruments

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Photocharity National Walk & Concert to Save Homeless Youth
Saturday October 19, 2013 at NTC Liberty Station‚ raised over $62,000!!!!

Other Cities That Participated:

Photocharity has helped save over 1800 homeless youth in long term safe housing for more then 12 years with our partnership of SDYS Storefront Shelter.

Watch an Amazing "Rocky Type" Success Story with Ex Homeless Youth Justine

Watch this KUSI TV interview

Before After

2012 Check presentation for $70,000 to San Diego Youth Services Emergency Shelter, the Storefront program Jeffrey Sitcov, Founder & Photocharity Board of Directors. CEO of SDYS Walter Philips

San Diego Union Tribune: Music vital lifeline to homeless kids here
Read Article | Watch Video

Concert of Hope Gala 2013 raised $94,000!!!
Thank you for your donations to Save SD Homeless Youth

Photocharity Celebration of Hope at Anthology, May 6, 2012

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San Diego Union Tribune: Photocharity banking big on Sunday benefit concert

Welcome to our website!

Over the past ten years, Photocharity has raised over $1.6M to save homeless youth due mostly to our wonderful and generous corporate sponsors and donors like you. You are angels for the children. Together as a team, we have truly made a difference by funding San Diego Youth Services' Storefront emergency shelter. Your contributions have provided for many things including: breakfast for one year, weekly anger management classes, after-school expressive arts and music programs, a full-time independent living skills instructor, case manager, outreach director and more.

Currently, there are still over 2,000 homeless youth under 18 in San Diego County and funding has been severely reduced. It is estimated that 1 in 50 children in the U.S. are homeless and there are no programs for the 4,000 plus 18 to 24 years old homeless youth in San Diego County. Although times are tough for many of us we must not lose sight of how bad things are for these kids, many of whom are also suffering from abuse, alcohol and drug addiction and other challenges.



Thank you to everyone that supported the first annual KUSI News Walk to Save Homeless Youth on October 23rd. Over 400 participants registered to help us take a stand against youth homelessness in our community.



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